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{Holidays Around the World} -Mexico

Bienvenido a Mexico! I'll be sharing with you how Los Posadas is celebrated in Mexico during December as a part of their traditional Christmas celebrations. 

A posada is an important Latino holiday tradition that happens the nine nights before Christmas. "Posadas" is Spanish for the word "inn" or "shelter". They are done to remember the pilgrimage by Joseph and Mary who were looking for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The Lodgings start from the 16th of December until the night of the 24th. The people of the neighborhood celebrate this by going to different houses each night. 

A procession is formed by two people who carry the statues of Mary, Joseph, and an angel. They are also accompanied by a donkey. People carry candles, sing litanies (prayers), stand by the door of a house and ask for lodging. Those people who are already inside, sing songs denying their entry until they see that it is Joseph and Mary asking for lodging. Towards the end of the celebration, the doors are opened and the people who were standing outside are let in.

This is the part where it turns into a party! Punch is made from hot fruits; food and some goodies are served to everyone. The children play traditional games while the adults eat & mingle. 

Click on the book covers to check them out on Amazon.
  {Reviews based on Amazon's descriptions and my own opinions mixed in}

A story of a little girl guiding the reader through the steps to prepare for Los Posadas. She counts in Spanish and the book is sprinkled with other Spanish vocabulary for fun! 

I love just about everything that Tomie De Paola does so it won't come as a surprise that is is my favorite read aloud for Los Posadas.  It tells about the traditions and how the characters are preparing for them but there are problems, the flu, a snow storm.. great for integrating some reading skills.   

A story of a little girl's first Christmas Posada party and a pinata that bring her town to life for readers. 

This one, also by Tomie De Paola, is a Mexican legend that tells of the poinsetta and how it came to be an unselfish Christmas gift from a little girl. 

After reading aloud and making an anchor chart on the way Mexico celebrate Christmas in comparison to how we celebrate Christmas.

{Click the picture to hear/watch Tomie DePaola read the story aloud on youtube}

 I like to do an art based activity to help the kids feel like they are preparing for Los Posadas just like in the book. I love making those connections. Here are some of my favorite activities I found. has tons of free directed drawing ideas and crafts that are perfect for in the classroom! {Click the picture to view the poinsettia directions} I use it for the directed drawing ideas all the time. To add a little spice to this one, I would have the students use gold glitter glue in the center of the flower. 

I love this ornament craft idea! It would be very cost effective gift for students to give to their family or friends at Christmas time. It would also be a perfect text to art extension after reading aloud "The Legend of the Poinsettia" to your class! 

This mini pinata is my favorite! I love it and I cannot wait to do this craft with my class this year! The pinata craft will be great after reading aloud, "Uno, Dos, Tres, Posadas!" with my class. 

Check out my Pintrest board for more read alouds, crafts, and teaching ideas for Las Posadas at school. 

I made a Christmas in Mexico/Las Posadas vocabulary matching game. I included both the English and Spanish word for each picture {that has a different word in both languages} that you can use with your class in a pocket chart or on an anchor chart to talk about Christmas traditions in Mexico! You can download it for free it here or by clicking the picture below!

Before you jet off to your next destination, grab your Mexico passport page here or by clicking the image below!

 Keep traveling through all the countries to collect a student passport page for each one! Grab the cover on Mrs. D's Corner blog here

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  1. Mi piace molto your post! (I like your post a lot!) Thank you for joining us on our adventure! LOVE Tomie DePaola and can't wait to use your freebie! :)

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. Oh Tomie DePaola... he has given us such amazing children's stories! I love the uno, dos, tres, posada too... that looks super adorable!

    My kids would love to make the mini pinata... I'm sure they'd want to break them open in class, but ya know LOL :)


  3. Thank you for the link to the directed drawing! That's a perfect activity to compliment the read aloud! =)

    A Teachable Teacher

  4. How cute are those mini pinatas! I hope I still have patience around December to try those out :) Love the directed drawing too - Kathy's directions are so easy to follow!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  5. I love the directed drawing and poinsettia ornament! Thanks so much for sharing those, and thanks for an awesome freebie! My students are going to love it! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! I always read those 2 books by Tomie Paola to my class at Christmas time, too.
    Always Primary


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