Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Welcome back to another month of Books Teachers Love! 

I picked "Farfallina & Marcel" By Holly Keller for my April read aloud. 

It is the cutest story of an enduring friendship of a gosling & a caterpillar. The watercolor illustrations are gorgeous & engaging. 

I love using this read aloud to integrate science into my read aloud. Its also just perfect for touching back on friendship in April. My firsties usually require a refresher on that one as the end of the year slowly approaches!

In the story Marcel and Farfallina meet and become friends, spending each day together at the pond. The book flawlessly describes the stages of a butterfly's life cycle through a story of friendship.

The end of the story is a great lesson on how you can remain friends despite life's changes!

Keep hopping to find even more fantastic April read aloud planning ideas & freebies below!
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